Benefits Of DDP

DDP Property helps everyday Australians create lasting financial freedom using property to step out of the daily grind.

At DDP Property, every single day we are giving more and more Australians this power.

Save time money and stress

Our in-house team of specialists can literally take care of the entire process

From finding the right property to renovating and even property management

Don't waste another moment of your time dealing with endless contractors

Let us find the investment properties for you

We handle building, pest and other inspections and checks

We plan, manage and carry out renovation works

We create a plan and then follow it to literally grow your property portfolio

Stop spending every moment of your spare time searching for property

You approve what we do every step of the way so you get control without the effort

Client Feedback Metrics

Clients that purchase more than 1 property - 85%
Happy Clients - 90%
Properties purchased under market value - 95%
Clients that save money on services - 75%
At DDP Property we take customer satisfaction very seriously which is why we listen to our customer feedback and continuously improve our offering.

Unlike any other property investment group,
we have experts in all fields!

Call our FREE PROPERTY ADVICE line: 1300 732 921


Top 10 reasons why people go with DDP Property

  • To spend more quality time with loved ones, during the week and on weekends
  • To travel more and enjoy life while they are young
  • To provide quality education to their children (Private schools and Universities)
  • To buy a better car and/or get the car of their dreams… and many say they got a boat too?
  • To retire from paid employment and take up volunteer work or pursue sport or a hobby
  • To become a stay-at-home mum or dad for their children
  • To use the excess income to start a business
  • To learn more about the property process to one day become a property developer
  • To make life easier because all the property services are under one roof
  • To invest in property as a hobby because it is exciting to do it alongside others
The team at DDP Property work with each individual client to turn their lifestyle dreams into reality, using property investment as the vehicle.  It is crucial that each property investor has a knowledgeable and experienced team working with them every step of the way for maximum results.  The property investment industry can feel like a landmine, and results can indeed be devastating if investors are unaware of market conditions and are operating without an effective strategy.
Dream Design Property was created by self-made millionaire, real estate expert and wealth development coach Zaki Ameer. Zaki realised his life was heading nowhere and that clearing his debt was chewing up any glimmer of hope for his dream life. Nevertheless, Zaki educated himself, and then turned his life around by accumulating 15 properties in just three years, totalling $4.5 million. Wanting to make additional changes that were larger than his own existence, Zaki then created DDP Property, his wealth creation mentoring program that guides other people in beginning their own personal development and investment journey.
DDP Property Benefits
If you are ready to make a change, do something different to unlock your own potential and begin to really live your life, then we have the key you have been searching for.
With the right team at their side, anyone can start living the life of their dreams, using property as their vehicle. No, it’s not complicated, and we won’t charge you anything. There are no obligations or commitments required… except wanting to do better for yourself and your family. Join the other Australians who are living a life of prosperity right now.

Make A Difference With The Property Expert Team

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