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Why use a specialist Hills District buyer’s agent?

Real estate is an extremely competitive market. 

And property investment is a daunting venture for many people. 

That is why we are here.

It is our mission is to ensure our clients invest in the right properties for the right PRICE at the right PACE for reliable growth to ultimately help set them up for life. With us on your side, property investment is no longer daunting.

If you are thinking of investing in property in Hills District, you need to have the right support from someone who thoroughly understands the property market in this thriving and affluent suburb.

Not every buyer’s agent understands local markets in the way that we do at DDP Property. 

Our local teams are skilled negotiators who have access to all the latest information about the property market across all suburbs in every major east coast Australian city. 

We are ideally placed to identify promising investment opportunities in Hills District to suit your individual needs, often before they are even listed on the market.

We can even provide you with access to other specialist professionals including builders, property managers, accountants and lawyers, putting the right infrastructure in place to ensure your continued success as a property investor.

Arrange a consultation with an experienced Hills District buyer’s agent 

Unlike many other buyer’s agents in Hills District, we are not motivated by commission. 

We take time to understand your individual circumstances and goals. Whether you are looking to purchase a single investment property or you dream of building an extensive property portfolio, we will help you to achieve them in a way which is appropriate for YOU. 

Whatever the scale of your ambition we can offer you all the help and support you need to achieve your goals.

We help you put together a detailed and smart investment strategy that will provide the best possible growth without overstretching you financially. 

As we only represent a small number of clients at any time, we can assure you of the exceptional standards of service and personal attention and you deserve. 

The first step to investment success is to call our team on 1300 732 921 to arrange a consultation.


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