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CEO Dare to Cure to Raise $1.5 Million for Cancer in 2022

The first event is scheduled to take place in Sydney on September 16th, 2022, followed by its first one in Melbourne on October 14th, 2022.

The Children’s Cancer Institute’s fundraising campaign, CEO Dare to Cure, now in its fifth year, is poised to raise $1.5 million this year. The one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign involves CEOs from Australia’s top-notch and emerging companies raising money to help cure childhood cancer.

According to the Children’s Cancer Institute, 1,000 children are diagnosed with cancer in Australia each week. Cancer is the leading illness causing deaths in children in the country. The research institute started the fundraising event five years ago to help raise research funds for cancer and pay for testing for relapse risks for kids who have beat the illness. 

Zaki Ameer The Founder of DDP Property

This year, the institute is hosting two major fundraising events as part of its CEO Dare to Cure campaign.

The first event is scheduled to take place in Sydney on September 16th, 2022, followed by its first one in Melbourne on October 14th, 2022.

The fundraising event was not open to the public for the prior two years due to Covid-19 pandemic-related restrictions. However, the Sydney and Melbourne fundraising events won’t have such restrictions this year.

This event is not like your average fundraising lunch or dinner event; it’s fun for both the partaking CEOs and spectators. The participating CEOs take part in daring activities to help raise funds. This year’s dare activities line-up includes some pretty challenging activities that will test their braveness, stamina, and drive. From bathing with live snakes to walking on fire, the dare challenges this year have raised the bar pretty high.

Dare to Cure

The fundraising began even before the main events. Each CEO sets up a fundraising page on the official Children’s Cancer Institute website and promotes their campaign through their platforms. So far, over 250 business leaders from across the country have registered to raise funds for the campaign.

From founders to directors to managers, the participating leaders come from various sectors and industries. Many would also be taking part in fundraising events with their dares. But that’s not all; many leaders are participating with their teams to help raise even more funds.

This year’s funding goal is the highest yet for CEO Dare to Cure. It has already raised over $950,000, almost two-thirds of its $1.5 million goal. With the Sydney event nearby, the campaign may cross its goal even before the Melbourne event.

It’s a trailblazing fundraising campaign bringing the business leaders together for a positive and generous cause. The idea behind the initiative was to use the same braveness CEOs show in their business decisions to raise money for childhood cancer research. Over the years, the event has become popular with ambitious leaders, especially from the startup sector of Australia taking part to raise awareness and the much-needed funds.

Among the many leaders raising funds this year is the CEO is the founder of DDP Property, Zaki Ameer. DDP is a property advisor that helps homebuyers and investors find the best properties at favourable financial conditions. Ameer is one of the many leaders from the real estate and finance industries taking part in this ambitious campaign to help save little cancer fighters and prevent childhood cancer for many children in the future.

With the money from CEO Dare to Cure, the Children’s Cancer Institute will be able to finance cutting-edge research to develop safer and more effective treatments for childhood cancer, particularly Leukaemia, which accounts for one-third of the cancer cases in Australian children. 

This event is a great example for other non-profits and research organizations to involve the business community of Australia. When businesses can raise millions of dollars for ideas, why not invest the same energy to get funds for fighting cancer in children.

Help save little cancer fighters

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