What is a Buyers Agent, Dream Design Property

What exactly is a buyers agent? This week Zaki Ameer answers that and more. Find out what a buyers agent is and how they’re perfect to have in your corner during your property journey.

Top Three Things To Look At When Investing In Property

This week Nakul, DDP’s Head of Research, gives a new real estate mantra. Next time you’re looking at investment properties, goodbye location location location.

5 Things to Research Before Purchasing an Investment Property

This week Nakul, DDP’s Head of Research, gives us a quick Elevator Pitch! Sharing 5 things you should always research before purchasing an investment property

The Importance of City Planning

Meet Nakul, DDP’s Head of Research. This week Nakul is sharing some #wordsofwisdom about the importance of city planning!

How To Save For A Deposit

Saving any large sum of money is no easy task, but this is especially true when you’re trying to save for the deposit of a house.

Delayed Settlements In Property Investing

What is a delayed settlement and how is it beneficial to Property Investment hopefuls? This week, Zaki discusses exactly that!

What Is Negative Gearing in Property Investing

What is negative gearing and should you have a negatively geared property in your property portfolio? Watch and hear what Zaki has to say!

3 Things To Consider When Price Hunting For A Property

For this week’s WednesdayWisdom, DDP Founder Zaki Ameer discusses the three things you should consider when price hunting for the right property.

3 Benefits to Purchasing Existing Property

Are you thinking about investing in property, but can’t decide whether to buy brand new or existing? In this video, Zaki Ameer delves into the benefits of purchasing an existing property!

3 Benefits to Purchasing Brand New Property

Zaki Ameer discusses the three major benefits that come with purchasing a brand new property; depreciation, instant equity, and less maintenance. Watch for an in-depth look!

How We Select The Best Investment Properties For You

What factors do we take into account when selecting which properties are best for our clients? Watch what our Founder, Zaki Ameer, has to say.

Cashbacks Explained: How We Will Help You Build Instant Equity

Most companies keep the commissions that Property Developers pay, however, we return that commission to our clients! Find out about our cashback system and how you can build instant equity!

Equity and Why It's Important For Building Your Property Portfolio

This week, Zaki discusses equity and how you can use it to build your property portfolio! If you own a house and are sitting on equity, you’re sitting on an amazing opportunity!

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