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After your initial consultation when you become a client These are the steps you will take

The first step is to analyse your current position and strategically formulate a growth pathway that will allow you to build financial freedom and security. This step is highly important as it forms the basis of all future steps. Everyone is different and therefore the goals of our clients often differ from client to client. Some want to build as much wealth as possible in the shortest space of time where as others want to enjoy their current lifestyles while they slowly build wealth at a more conservative speed in the background and have access to cash-flow.

We always advise clients to grow within their current financial ability. We believe that if you do things correctly you will grow fast, but if you do things fast you will fail. Fail to plan; plan to fail! With a strong strategy you will be well positioned to grow at a sustainable speed and as you achieve further success you can increase the growing speed to suit your appetite for increased wealth.

We’ll take a snapshot of where you are today, perform a thorough debt, insurance and investment analysis, and work with you to build a ‘finance plan’ that has the potential to save you thousands and give you the scope to build real wealth.

Any good property investor will tell you that the key to buying at the right price is being ready to move when the opportunity is ripe. Once we understand your serviceability we will get you finance approved to match and have you ready to pounce on the best deal we can find.

Our finance brokers are highly trained specialists in getting our clients the right finance the first time, without damaging our client’s credit reports. We take extreme care to ensure all clients are presented professionally to lenders to ensure they have the best possible chance of securing the required finance.

One of the most frustrating areas of property investing is the constantly changing market and in today’s climate, the serious lack of time to ‘mess around’ when it comes to moving on a property. You’ll be happy to know that with Dream Design we often find out about properties before or immediately as they are listed which means we are able to act quickly and get a fast offer on the table to secure a property before ‘the market’ catches on.

Understanding valuations and market movement is a major part of what we do and one of the most important benefits to using our service. Any good property investor will tell you that you are only as good as your team of analysts.

If buying through private treaty or auction, we’ll conduct a professional audit and quickly establish the likely market property value to determine your top offer. We’ll give you a thorough property report including area profile, demographics, capital growth potential statistics and recent comparable sales. With your budget in mind, we’ll also provide your ongoing holding costs and likely investment returns – plus a full assessment of the property’s renovation or development potential and an update on competition and general market demand.

Buying at the right price is partly to do with timing and partly to do with the negotiation skills of the buyer (or in this case us). Having a team of seasoned property entrepreneurs on your side means we know all the tricks of the trade. If there’s a deal to be done, we’ll be doing it for you. Once we’ve performed a thorough inspection of the property we’ll establish a clear strategy upfront to ensure we achieve your highest level of success, whether negotiating a private sale, purchasing prior to auction or by bidding for you on auction day. By eliminating the usual stress and emotion involved in buying a property we’ll ensure you have the best chance of securing the property at or below our agreed upon price.

There are many parties in a property transaction including agents, lawyers, owners and buyers so it is important to ensure that your communication is consolidated and clear. At Dream Design you can rely on our unique, centralised operations to deliver outstanding results every time. We’ll make sure you understand your rights and obligations before signing the purchase contract and we’ll ensure all appropriate purchase conditions are documented correctly. You can continue to remain anonymous from the selling agent during this process if you wish.

Once the property is under contract (Or before in some instances) we will carry out final checks to make sure the property is going to be a ‘winner’ in all respects. Building and pest inspectors will also carry out their work and report back to us for final approval.

Things like structural integrity, cost to renovate and council checks might form part of this stage.

The traditional conveyancing process takes most other conveyancing firms several days to complete and costs buyers and sellers an enormous amount of money. Most of this time is taken up by admin hours sending copies of contracts and paper work back and forth between clients and lawyers. Due to our in-house approach to property investing, we have been able to significantly reduce this time and therefore the costs to our clients.

The traditional buying process requires people to explain the same details over and over again to several contractors where as with Dream Design we know your property deal better than you do, so we always have the situation covered!

Nothing takes more time in the normal property improvement process than dealing with builders and tradesmen. No more quotes, meetings and constant stress because we take care of this entire process for you!

Plus you don’t need to worry about blowing the budget because our builders work in a ‘COST PLUS” style of relationship meaning that you always get the best deal possible.

If you follow the words of the worlds richest men and women then you’ll see a commonality between them and it sounds something like this: “BUY RIGHT, NEVER SELL”

While there are always exceptions to the rule, this theory falls true more times than not. But to be able to do this you need a reliable income from your investment properties to afford you the luxury of expanding your portfolio. Our property managers are super passionate about providing our investors with high quality services to ensure their investments remain fruitful. This translates into a healthy relationship with tenants also because we know that the tenants relationship with your property is of considerable importance to the success of your investment.

To make the process a breeze, we’ll even put you in touch with a range of allied professionals via our network of preferred providers. These include expert accountants, insurance brokers, financial advisors and even removalists!

Unlike any other property investment group,
we have experts in all fields!

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Zaki Ameer The Founder of DDP Property
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