Property Investment Strategy

Everyone wants something different out of their strategy; some want more cash-flow, others want more future equity.

Having a clear property investment strategy means literally having a ‘game plan’ for how you are going to grow your property portfolio rapidly without a constant investment of fresh funds.

Most people approach property from the point of view of “save, save, save and buy more property”, but this is not sustainable or ‘rapid’ as it relies on your ability to earn which means your potential property portfolio is only as big as your career. The world’s rich work hard but they didn’t get wealthy from ‘working’ per-say. If your property investment strategy is anything but organic and self funding then chances are you have the wrong strategy.

Listen to this audio and decide for yourself if you think you have a better plan or if you feel there might be some merit in sitting down with someone from ‘the dream team’ as we’re already being nicknamed.


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