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First Home Buyers Process

We’ll show you how to invest in property the smart way – and it always starts with that all-important “first home” purchase

DDP founder Zaki Ameer went from broke to millionaire by using the DDP property strategy, and he wants to show you that YOU can do it too. 

So before you join the millions of people going through the same old “first home buyers” process, invest just one hour of your time to find out how some choose a different way, and are able to live the life of their dreams.

That’s right, all we need is 60 minutes of your time to show you how to build a serious property portfolio without taking advantage of the government grant. Yes, although it may seem crazy to not take advantage of free money from the government, in actual fact you are disadvantaging yourself because the property you’ll be buying with your grant will only ever perform like traditional real estate. 

You CAN choose to do it a different way. The smart way. If you invest correctly, every investment you make can pave the way for the next one. Let us show you how to get your money working smart to build a portfolio. Most of our clients end up with more weekly cash-flow after buying a property than before they bought one!

Zaki Ameer The Founder of DDP Property

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