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Self-Managed Super Funds

Going above and beyond to help you reach your property goals and financial success

Did you know that you can use your superannuation to buy property?

Everyone dreams of retiring with financial security and stability to enjoy their golden years.

This involves having a strong superannuation strategy.

Many Australians now diligently contribute to their own super fund and work hard to boost their balance today for the future. But did you know there’s an alternative way to grow your retirement wealth by using your super to buy an investment property?

At DDP Property, we believe that investors should at least consider using their superannuation to buy an investment property through a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

It offers you so many advantages and can give you more control over your super.


Disclaimer: Note DDP PROPERTY  are NOT financial advisers. DDP can refer you to financial planners and accountants for you to have a consultation with to decide if a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is suitable for you. Please ensure you obtain independent financial advice before you consider the set-up of a SMSF. 

What is an SMSF?

If your superannuation account has sufficient funds, you can purchase a property outright without the need to borrow money. 

However, if you don’t have the funds upfront, the other option is to use your SMSF to secure a property loan. If you have enough, you can use your super to fund the 20% deposit for the property and borrow the remaining 80% from a lender.

The advantage of this SMSF property approach is that while you’re only required to contribute a 20% deposit, the capital growth potential is applied to 100% of the property’s purchase value over time.  

How DDP Property can help you?

Superannuation as an SMSF is often an untapped financial resource that many Australians aren’t aware of. With more people now realising the benefits of buying an investment property with their super, it’s important to find the right property that will maximise your returns.

Our team at DDP Property helps to makes this possible. In fact, we’ve now helped over 2000 clients with a super balance or combined super balance of $100,000 and above purchase their ideal property over the last ten years.

Our SMSF strategy involves sourcing properties in high-growth, high-demand areas. We look for lower-priced properties in hot-spot areas where projected growth is around 5-7% year on year, with a high rental yield to cover expenses, so there’s no need to further dip into your super balance or future employer contributions.

Our recent SMSF property projects

Why work with DDP to create a property SMSF?

DDP Property has qualified SMSF Accountants in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney who can guide you through various types of self-managed super fund investment options. 

They can also explain all of the SMSF loans that are available and advise you on which SMSF investment strategy to follow that suits your specific circumstances. 

DDP goes beyond a typical Buyer’s Agent

Save considerable amounts of time, money and stress.

Our in-house team of specialists can take care of the entire process.

From finding the right property to a new build and even property management.

Giving you access to exclusive opportunities and off-market properties.

A holistic approach to your financial property goals. 

We find the right first home, forever home or investment property for you.

We organise building, pest and other inspections and checks.

We create a plan and then follow it to grow your property portfolio.

Don’t waste another moment of your day dealing with endless contractors.

Stop spending every moment of your spare time searching for properties.

You approve what we do every step of the way, so you have control without the effort.

Why choose DDP as your Buyer’s Agents?

Property buying can be an intricate process and it is important for every individual who is planning on investing in property to have a knowledgeable, experienced and expert team who will work alongside them to achieve great results.

Our team at DDP Property will take care of the entire property investment process, so you can save time finding the right property without dealing with endless agents.

Our wide range of services makes your entire journey easier. You can trust that we will handle the most difficult tasks while making sure you are always well-informed about the process.

Our powerful DDP property process


To formulate a property strategy and provide expertise know-how and knowledge, using combined experience and industry contacts.


Dedicated to researching, inspecting, locating & negotiating properties in accordance with our robust DDP process & criteria.


Obtaining finance with our established financial partners, securing finance best suited to your financial circumstances, ensuring favourable finance terms.


Liaising with lawyers, builders, property management and leasing your property.

total hours

The DDP Method

Our powerful property purchasing process

Many property investors take the risk of investing money in the wrong home because they overlook many important stages of the property buying journey. 

To supercharge your real estate success, DDP’s property buying process includes:

What our clients say about DDP Buyers Agents

Looking to purchase property with your SMSF?

DDP Property’s expert team is always ready to assist you with your needs. 
Contact us today so we can help you to learn more about how you can purchase property through your SMSF.

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