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Investment Property Services in Redland

Buyer’s Advocate in Redland

Our buyer’s advocate in Redland has the experience and capabilities needed to guide clients in order to help them find and purchase the real estate they’re looking for. They will speak with you to learn more about your circumstances so they can recommend various options to help you accomplish your goals.

Buyer’s Agent in Redland

Our buyer’s agent in Redland specialises in buying off market investment properties for clients. They work only for the buyer, not the real estate agent, meaning they will act in your best interest and not theirs. Our buyer’sagent will take care of the whole property buying process for you from beginning to end, giving you property market advice that can lead to more favourable deals.

Mortgage Broker in Redland

DDP Property can appoint a designated mortgage broker in Redland with years of experience to work with you. Our brokers have helped countless clients over the years, and they can help you too. Your broker will suggest home loan options that are suitable as per your financial situation and provide guidance to help make the overall process far easier.

SMSF Advisor in Redland

If you wish to use your superannuation fund savings to purchase an investment property, you should speak to our chartered SMSF accountant. It’s highly recommended that your get advice on self-managed super fund property investment in Redland so you can be aware of the various SMSF loans and investment options available.

Enquire Today to Find Out How We Can Help

If you want to speak to someone who is an expert in the investment property sector, get in touch with DDP Property – one of the leading property investment consultancy firms in Australia. Give us a call on 1300 732 921 or send an online enquiry today to find out how we can help you.

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