Sydney Finance Broker

We respect our clients and their credit rating so you can trust that we only submit the highest quality, thorough applications.

DDP’s finance department has a team of highly skilled and experienced brokers that go out of their way to secure the loan that is perfect for YOU.

Being primed to pounce on the perfect property is essential in a rising market, which is why we recommend that buyers get approved BEFORE they find a property. When you are a DDP client we like to make sure you pay UNDER MARKET VALUE wherever possible. You see, DDP isn’t simply a finance provider, we are a full service agency that works with you to rapidly expand your property profile using the experts in EVERY field.

Finance is just a small part of the overall process of buying property. We’ll show you how to steadily and securely build your property portfolio using a combination of several strategies that encompass everything from finance to renovation. 

We can access loans from all major lenders

We pride ourselves on our superior customer care. Our experienced and friendly brokers work for YOU, not the banks, and we are focused on getting you a loan that works for YOUR situation and YOUR overall investment strategy, NOT a quick fix ‘for now’.

We can access loans from all major lenders


Make A Difference With The Property Expert Team

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