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We respect our clients and their credit rating so you can trust that we only submit the highest quality, thought out applications that perform

The team at DDP has been assisting investors to get finance for their investment properties for years and are highly experienced in ensuring a positive outcome that is suitably matched to the serviceability of the client.

Being ready to pounce on the perfect property is essential in a rising market which is why we recommend that buyers get approved BEFORE they find a property. The old “subject to finance” clause is great if you want to pay too much for your property but when you are a DDP client we like to make sure you pay under market value wherever possible. You see DDP isn’t simply a finance provider, we are a full service agency that works with you to rapidly expand you property profile using the experts in EVERY field.

DDP’s finance department has a team of highly skilled and experienced brokers that go out of their way to secure the loan that is perfect for your needs but if you haven’t already found a property under market value then you need to speak with one of our property strategists BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. 

The finance is just a very small piece to the overall process of buying property and we’ll show you how to build your property portfolio at stella speed using a combination of several strategies that encompass everything from finance to renovation. We have literally financed people into their first property based on their serviceability and then rolled them into their 4th and even 5th properties without selling any of their portfolio and without a change to their day job.

We can access loans from all major lenders

DDP specialises in building positive income from investment properties as well as express value enhancement that means you can grow your property profile quickly and securely.

Because we are just one small part in the investment property process, we work with other members of the DDP team to ensure your finances are ready to take advantage of the best property deals. We take the time to sit down with you and discuss all your loan options so you can make a more informed decision on important financial matters. The team helps guide you through the process from start to finish; we sort through the paperwork for you and keep you informed on the progress of your loan application.

We have built up a lending panel of Australia’s best and most credible banks and financial institutions which means to find the right finance for your situation is as simple as knowing what your situation is.

We pride ourselves on our superior customer care; our experienced and friendly brokers work for you, not the banks and we are all about getting you a loan that works for your overall investment strategy NOT a quick fix for now.

Make A Difference With The Property Expert Team

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