Ting Ting

Job purpose

Ting Ting is a Principal Finance Analyst at a large Australian corporation. Over her 10 year professional career, she has also amassed a multi-million dollar property portfolio – initially through her own self-education, and later through Zaki, where she saw her portfolio more than double in less than half the time and half the effort.

Ting Ting is passionate about living life to the absolute fullest – whether it be her professional craft in finance, growing her property portfolio, jetsetting to exotic resorts with her young family, quality time with friends, or sharing the secret sauce with her clients so they too may buck the trend, leave the rat race, and start living the life they dream of… today.

Get in touch with Ting Ting for a fun, friendly, and enlightening chat about the art of “possible”, through property investment and the team at DDP.

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