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So, you want to be a property millionaire? The good news is, it’s not as difficult as you may think, and the bad news is that it’s not as difficult as you may think. You see, the following six steps will give you a plan that, if implemented correctly, will fast track you on the pathway to 7 figures. However, humans tend to overcomplicate things and look for the “catch.” Try to approach this with the attitude of a ‘beginner’s mind’.

A Zen term that refers to having the ability to take on new information without bias.

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Step 1 – Know What You Want

Clue – “I want to be a property millionaire,” is not a goal, it’s far too generic. Your goal setting should include how many properties you want, and the types of property you will be purchasing. Additionally, you should have goals that relate to your personal life – how will your life improve once you are a property millionaire? Not only from a materialistic point of view but with regards to the freedom you will experience and the opportunities that will open up for you.


Step 2 – Planning and Timeframes

Without timeframes, you can put your goals aside without guilt or concern. Sometimes, negative emotions are the thing that will spur you on, and timeframes put pressure on you to perform. There is a reason that most college students finish their assignments the night before they are due. Consider how you will purchase each property, where the deposit will come from (equity in your home, a relative’s

home, or savings) and estimate how long it will take for each property to accumulate enough equity so that you have a deposit for the next property. Be realistic, and commit to the timeframes.


Step 3 – Prioritise Wealth

There is a big difference between being rich and being wealthy. Rich people have access to a lot of money now; perhaps they have good salaries or have recently won the lottery. Regardless, their money can be lost through spending or bad investments.

Wealth is permanent. It doesn’t matter how much money wealthy people spend, it never goes away. They pass it on to their children, and their children’s children until it becomes known as, “old money.”

To achieve wealth your investments must pay for themselves, and always be growing. Possibly the best metaphor for this is that a rich person buys a luxury car, but a wealthy person looks for the next investment opportunity.


Step 4 – Always Be Learning

Investment is formulaic, but markets are always evolving. You wouldn’t ask an investment expert who hasn’t stayed abreast of recent developments for their expertise. Pay attention to areas that are up-and-coming, keep an eye on infrastructure improvements, and listen to experts you respect. If you can get in early, while no one else is paying attention, then you’ve potentially made tens of thousands of additional dollars.


Step 5 – Push Past Fear

A majority of property investors never move past two or three houses. The major reason for this is fear – they want to become property investors at a significant level but are afraid of purchasing too many properties. It’s easy to see why; once you have a couple of properties worth $400,000 each, the balance sheet can appear intimidating. You should be aware of debt, have a plan to service it, but not be afraid of it. Fear is the biggest barrier to growth in property investment, and at its core is a misunderstanding of what debt is.


Step 6 – Review, and Repeat

Constantly be reviewing your goals. This doesn’t mean checking in, “now and then,” to make sure you are on target. Have scheduled dates when you will look at your goals, timeframes and portfolio, and hold yourself accountable. It can often be helpful to have a third party involved so that there is nowhere to hide, no justification and any hidden opportunities are made apparent.


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