You could earn $625 to $675 per week if you rent out the whole house, or…

You could earn $275 to $300 per week per room. With 4 rooms, and part of a co-living space, your weekly income could be $1,100 to $1,160.

In essence, by renting out on a co-living basis, you’re getting a 72% increase over the standard weekly rental.


Property details as follows:

  • Location:  South East Brisbane
  • Rental: $1,100 – $1,160 (on a co-living basis)
  • Rental Yield: 5.6%
  • Price: $658,700
  • 100% full turn key ready to occupy property

More than 200,000 people could move to South East QLD over the next five years a property council survey finds. The South East QLD rental market is looking strong as Federal migration policy is likely to change, which will allow greater numbers into Australia.