Renting doesn’t have to mean missing out on the booming property market. Now, property tech platform Bricklet is bringing property investment within reach. You can purchase property fragments from as little as $20,000.

What is Bricklet?

The Bricklet marketplace allows buying and selling of property “fragments” that cost a fraction of the cost of the whole property.

Purchasing bricklets is exactly like investing in a property except without the eye-watering deposit.

  • Earn a rental income.
  • Potentially benefit from capital gains in a rising market.
  • Have your name on the property title.

Find out how Bricklet can help you get a foot on the property ladder without breaking the bank!

So how does it work?

Property titles are fragmented into smaller pieces we call “bricklets” and each “bricklet” is registered with the lands title office …. Simple! It’s like buying a whole property, just smaller pieces.

For example, with a $400,000 apartment, the title of the property is broken up into 20 ‘bricklets’, which sell for $20,000 each.

Purchasing property fragments of several properties can provide a much more diverse investment strategy rather than putting all your eggs in one property basket.