Australia’s golden swim-sisters?

Hi ,

I’m here in sunny Sri Lanka at the moment but I’m still keeping up with the Olympics.

And I feel terrible for sisters Bronte and Cate Campbell. They were both tipped to get medals in the 50 metres and the 100 metres freestyle.

Yet neither got on the podium.  And I thought – it just proves something I always tell people when they’re tossing up whether to invest in property or not.
Things don’t always go to plan. 

People have turned up to work on Monday morning to find the gates locked and the company in liquidation.

Or they get the ‘tap on the shoulder’ and get made redundant without warning. Which is even worse if you’re over 50 and jobs are hard to find.

And if you’re in business there’s a million things which can go wrong.

That’s why, no matter how certain you are you’re on the right track you can’t always rely on things going your way.

Having a Plan B is critical.

This is why I want you to book a session with one of our coaches straight away to prepare yours.

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This way even if things go wrong you’re still going to come out of it OK.

There’s no cost for this, and you’re under no obligation to do anything.

I just don’t want you kicking yourself if things go wrong. It’ll only take an hour and it’ll be a load off your shoulders.

Anyway it’s back to the family and the sunshine for me. Make sure you book your session right away because hoping everything will turn out OK isn’t a plan, it’s wishful thinking.



P.S. Things might not have gone right for the Campbell sisters, but they still came away with gold in the relay and we should be proud of them. They’re young and they’ll have their chance again.

What about you?

Are you young enough to start over again if you need to?

Would you really want to anyway?

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Now, before you ask where it is I’m going to be a spoilsport.  I’m not telling you. At least, not in an email.

For a start, this house is already sold.

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