Let’s not lie, MONEY occupies your thoughts daily. How about TIME? Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy a lot of security, comfort, and certainty. Money and time combined create a FUTURE!

Usually, you can’t have both, either MONEY or TIME.

What if I told you we have a solution to both? Delayed Settlements on House and Land!

We have found that a lot of clients, like yourself, usually delay decisions because you’re either worried about time or money.

When you delay a decision, it will cost you money. And it’s hard to buy back time or your YOUTH. Trust me I know.

Did you know that we can now help clients acquire House and Land packages with the delayed settlement?

What does this mean?

You now have up to 2 years to save and at the same time, let your property grow in value.

Credit problems? Well 2 years will give you the ability to sort things out. We are with you 100% of the way through.

Luke came to me about 3 years ago and he took advantage of this opportunity. He didn’t have a deposit but he had courage so he took the leap of faith with us. We delayed his settlement on a home and land package so he could save. Within 2 years, his whole life turned around.

He saved a deposit and he had a purpose. He now owns property without having to be worried about missing the boat. In fact, he’s so happy he’s looking at doing this for another property shortly. Think about it, in 3 years Luke went from 0 properties to potentially 2 investment properties. Key words, house and land.

Life happens! Just make sure you live every second of it. This is how I went from being almost broke to now living a life I love. More importantly, I get to help everyday Australians do the same.

You have nothing to lose, let’s chat and see if there is something we can help you with. You now have three choices:

1.) Stay where you are
2.) Do this yourself
3.) Let’s chat and explore options