Want to know something which could almost guarantee your success as an investor?

According to the ATO there are around 1.9 million property investors in Australia. However I’d only describe 1% of them as genuinely successful.

Why so few?

Because that’s how many have 5 or more properties. And you need at least 5 properties in good growth areas with good rents to make enough money to retire wealthy and enjoy yourself.

You see, what happens is most people get one property, then sell it after it goes up a bit.

It seems crazy to sell when it could launch something much bigger.

How come we have many clients of ours who own 5 or more properties? We ensure they avoid the below two reasons that stop them from creating real wealth.

The first is the reason they tell themselves. This is they made some money and want to use it for something else.

Then there’s the real reason which is they don’t back themselves. They haven’t got proper goals and so their property doesn’t have a place in any bigger picture. .

Back when I was starting out I was struggling financially. At one stage I was working 8 hours a day on minimum wage, studying in the evening and on the bus for 3 hours getting to work, university and back to where I lived.

I was so broke I lived in boarding houses among drug addicts, violent men and alcoholics.

Even so, I was studying personal development like crazy, obsessively searching in free seminars, webinars and books to find new ideas to help me out.

One of the big lessons for me was the power of massive goals. Then writing those goals down and coming up with a way to make them happen.

Then the big one – taking the actions needed to make them a reality.

To me, selling an investment property is the easy way out. However if you want to succeed you need to fight to link your actions to some massive life goals, not short term gratification.

That’s why, when we start talking with clients we talk about their dreams and goals first. And then we find a way to use property to help make them come true.

Dream it – Design it – Do it. That’s the DDP philosophy.

Want to see how it works?

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It’s all down to you.

Are you ready to back yourself?

You should. In fact, if you have a family or other things in life you’re passionate about then you need to.
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