Today the Board of the RBA made the decision to lower the cash rate still further by 25 basis points to a historic low of just 0.75%. This is the third cut since June. There has never been a better time to investigate refinancing a home loan or taking that all-important first step in property investment.

What you need to do:

Reorganizing finances can seem like a daunting task. One of our many duties of care to our clients, and we help take the hassle out of it. We have a comprehensive network of contacts, including reputable mortgage lenders and brokers from across Victoria and New South Wales.

Securing a lower interest rate on your investment property will mean you maximize your returns. Less of your rental income consumed by interest charges. Therefore, you could end up saving tens of thousands of dollars within just a year or two.

Lower mortgage payments effectively reduce the cost of property ownership and increase the borrowing power of homeowners.

If you have a solid repayment history, your credit rating is likely to mean a lender will offer you favorable terms.

Understanding the market is fundamental to successful property investing. Know what is likely to happen with interest rates over the next decade,

How you’re going to do it:

At DDP we don’t focus solely on the short-term benefits of refinancing. We know that it is essential to look at the bigger picture when looking at investment properties. Hence why we factor in things like the fees for applications, valuation and settlement, and legal costs, in addition to the actual interest rate.

As I stated in today’s interview on, it is crucial to have a clear view on the PURPOSE of refinancing. Is it purely for the lower rate, or for equity release for investment? Don’t be tempted by the ‘honeymoon rate’ or temporary ‘special deals’.

Product features matter, for example, fixed rates mostly have no offset account. And be mindful that borrowing capacity varies across all lenders. Sometimes the cheapest rate doesn’t mean you can attain the borrowing capacity you need.

Additionally, remember that different lenders tend to favor different types of property investment, and also different locations. You need to find one that suits your needs.

And DDP is well-placed to do just that for its clients.
Interest is the price you pay for money, and right now money has NEVER been cheaper.

Let the team at DDP show you how to take full advantage of this optimal time to refinance.