Check out this story I read the other day.


Bought on the Central Coast shortly after we married at 24 because that’s where we grew up. In 2011, we purchased a 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom house for $307,000 (we both commuted to Sydney all our careers).

We paid it off in 7 years by saving and hammering it all on the loan before we had kids. We recently moved into our forever house in the same suburb (4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with lots more living space for our young kids).

I honestly feel sorry for the people just starting out and will never be in the “Our hard work did all this camp” completely. Financial discipline helped but it was also lucky that the Central Coast boomed as everyone realised the commute wasn’t that bad.


Powerful stuff.

I like their last comment at the end… “realised the commute wasn’t that bad”.

There is a complete and tenanted apartment opportunity located in Ipswich. I know you might be thinking, “Ipswich, that’s so far away from Brisbane – Who would want to live there?”

But as you can see in the story above, this couple had the ability to purchase young and be debt free by their early 30’s…

All because they “realised the commute wasn’t that bad”. Ipswich is well-positioned, and is a location that ticks all of the boxes on an area poised for growth.

While every other investor runs around like a headless chicken, you can make a choice and act like a seasoned investor. As prices continue to drop, now is the time to seize this massive opportunity.

You know the saying, buy low and sell high?

Here’s one opportunity you’re going to get:

  • Ipswich
    Type: Apartment
    Specs: 3 & 4 Bedroom
    Price: $379,650 – $431,800
    Completed & tenanted apartments.
    Tenanted from $375 to $675 p/w.

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