Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, was the best-performing real estate market in Australia in 2021. It’s a steadily growing city whose property prices are noticeably lower than Sydney or Melbourne. Still, finding the best property may require the expertise of the best buyer’s agent Brisbane. 

Particularly, if you’re looking to simply buy property as an investment, using a buyer’s agent’s services may help you get the best deal. People who are buying property to live in have different expectations than those looking to turn a profit. Buyer’s agents understand this distinction well and may identify properties that can be lucrative in the long run. 

Why Consider Buying Property in Brisbane?

Whether you’re looking to buy a home to live in or want to invest to earn rental income, Brisbane’s resilience may just convince you to go for it. The city has recently shown remarkable progress in the property market, with prices surging dramatically during the real estate boom in Australia. 

Brisbane according to DDP Property founder Zaki Ameer, showed great performance, even when the housing market slowed down. If this recent data is anything to go by, Brisbane has the potential to outperform even Sydney and Melbourne. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily follow the market trends of these big markets in Australia. 

But aside from the property market trend, Brisbane offers many other reasons that make it a viable contender for real estate investors. For starters, the prices are comparatively more accessible. That means even small-scale home buyers and investors can consider buying a property in the Queensland capital. 

It’s particularly attractive for investors as the city is experiencing population growth through migration. This will automatically increase demand for rentals. So investors who buy rental properties in Brisbane now can make considerable income just from the rent, let alone the capital gains over the years. 

Moreover, Brisbane is set to host the summer Olympics in 2032, making it an even more attractive property market. So those in it for the long haul should consider investing in prime Brisbane real estate. 

How Can a Buyer’s Agent Brisbane Help?

If you’re convinced Brisbane is an ideal Australian city for property investment, you’ll need a buyer’s agent for the next steps. 

Finding and buying a property without an agent can be quite a hassle, especially if you’re not in the city. But it’s not just the convenience that makes hiring a buyer’s agent worth it. 

Off-Market Investment Properties

Perhaps the biggest benefit for home buyers and investors is that some buyer’s agents can find off-market properties for you. Such properties have yet to be listed on the market, which means you may be able to purchase them at a fair price before anyone else sends an offer. 

Similarly, a buyer’s agent can also help you send offers for off-market properties you’re interested in. If you find a property worth investing in and isn’t going on sale anytime, a buyer’s agent may help persuade the owners to sell. 

Knowledge of Local Market

Using a buyer’s agent based in Brisbane would allow you to consult with someone who knows the local property market. They know which areas have a high demand and which are likely to grow in the future. 

They also understand the local culture and can acquaint you with what it’s like to live in Brisbane. If you’re an investor looking for potentially high rent-yielding properties, they would be better equipped to advise what kind of property to buy. 

Negotiation Skills

Buyer’s agents need to be good negotiators. That’s a major component of their job because they need to get their clients the best deal. You may not be able to negotiate the same price with a seller as an agent would. 

Also, they work with the seller’s agent when negotiating and know the right tactics to use. With their negotiation skills on your side, you may just be able to get the property you want within your budget. 

Due Diligence 

For home buyers and investors both, due diligence is extremely important. Without it, you risk buying a property way above its value. Buyer’s agents can complete the due diligence process for you before sending the offer or entering a contract. 

How Much Does a Buyer’s Agent Cost in Brisbane?

Brisbane has some of the lowest property prices in Australia, and its buyer’s agent’s fee follows suit. The city has some of the lowest fees for buyer’s agents, which makes it even more affordable to use their services when hunting for an investment property. 

The fee, although comparatively low, depends on several factors. It may be fixed or based on a percentage of the property price. The latter ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 percent, typically with a higher percentage rate for a lower price. 

The fee also depends on the services they are providing you. They’ll charge their full fee if they take over the entire process, from sourcing to finalizing the paperwork for sale. On the other hand, they may charge a lower fee if you are just using specific services like price negotiation or due diligence. 

The rates also vary from one agent to another, so you may have to compare fees before deciding on one. While it’s important to consider the buyer’s agent’s cost, choosing someone with experience and a better understanding of your requirements is more important.