We take a look at the risks of ‘marriage at first sight’ vs. ‘buying property at first sight’.

Here’s what we found:

In the highly controversial series, ‘Married at First Sight’, we see every day Australians getting married before they have met their partners. Partners are allegedly matched by a team of experts according to their personality, preferences etc.

The success rate? Far from good. Approximately 23% of couples matched on the show have succeeded to date.

Now, let’s compare this to investing in a property you have never seen.
This could be a brand new off-the-plan house (i.e. not yet built) or investing in a state you do not live in.

What are the risks?

NOT MANY to be honest – property investing is considered low-risk (if you conduct due diligence and check key performance indicators).

As Billionaire Andrew Carnegie famously said “90% of millionaires made their wealth by investing in real estate”.

The screening process:

Each participant on the show is put through a screening to ensure their motives are genuine.

At DDP Property, the screening process takes place during your 1-on-1 personalised face to face appointment with our Founder. Here we look at your existing financial situation in detail, your aspirations and a strategy to meet your investment goals.

Our Finance Team then take the led to review and assess your lending capacity using multiple banks.

The matching process:

A selection of properties are presented to each Client based on their needs, affordability and current hot spots / market trends.

Our “PROPERTY MARRIAGE” success formula:

The DDP process includes a set of strict criteria to ensure the highest success rates.

  1. Who is the property developer? DDP Property buys house & land packages from established property developers. Developers who have been in the Australian market for a considerable period of time & have a consistent reputation for quality builds. One of our main developers has been in business for over 65 years.
  2. Population growth projections – as population increases in the area, the demand for housing increases, thus pushing up rent prices and property prices. Our DDP Research Team examines trends and future growth predictions to ensure we only buy in major city hot spots with above average to high growth rates.
  3. We conduct thorough research into infrastructure and recommend suburbs equipped with train stations, bus networks, existing highway proximity, areas close to the CBD, and areas that have proposed developments and community enhancement programs. These factors ensure explosive growth potential over the next 10 year period from your purchase date.
  4. We check past growth trends, rental yields, capital appreciation, rental medium rates in all our suburbs to ensure you are more than 100% satisfied with your investment.
  5. In the show, couples are required to sign a pre-nup. Here at DDP property we ensure our Clients take basic levels of insurance to protect them with their mortgage repayments, we also provide tenant insurance.

Long term perspective:

Much like a marriage, investing in real estate only works if you are in it for the long haul. Clients who want to experience maximum capital growth should ‘buy & hold’ their property for 10 years at a minimum before they look at selling.

Your match-maker service:

At DDP Property, we act as your “PROPERTY MATCH-MAKER”. We conduct the research, site visits and due diligence to ensure your “property marriage” stands the test of time.

Based on facts, our extensive research and network of developers, we can predict the success rate of your “property marriage”.

Investing in property is most definitely a low risk investment in comparison to marriage. People can be unpredictable, however the Australian property market is consistent – showing consistent growth in key capital cities over the last 50 years.

Our honey-moon GIFT to you:

Don’t forget all our new house & land packages come with a $30,000 cash-back. That’s money straight into your pocket or for you to reinvest. Consider it as our “honey-moon” present to you.