The Labor party proposed to changes negative gearing that makes investing riskier for property investors. Zaki Ameer weighs in on the effects that those changes in negative gearing would have on the economy.


Buy property and save money


When diagnosed with an untreatable disease Vin Govindan took to property investing full steam ahead in order to shore up her future financial security.

Landlord buys a better future – Daily Telegraph



Aussie pick-up artist’s ‘confidence classes’ land him million-dollar fortune –

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Boat Party END OF YEAR December 2015 – Image Gallery

See a selection of photos from the amazing day with clients, staff and contractors aboard the beautiful DDP boat party.


Secret Event October 2015 – Image Gallery

See a selection of photos from the evening. We have now made it part of our schedule to hold our secret evenings once every quarter as a way of thanking clients for being part of DDP but also as a way for them to introduce their friends to the concept in a relaxed and fun way.

Chinese Property Trade Show 2015 – Video

DDP had a stand to help people understand what DDP is about at the recent Chinese Property Trade Show.