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When diagnosed with an untreatable disease Vin Govindan took to property investing full steam ahead in order to shore up her future financial security.

Landlord buys a better future – Daily Telegraph

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Aussie pick-up artist’s ‘confidence classes’ land him million-dollar fortune – news.com.au

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Live Events & Functions

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Boat Party END OF YEAR December 2015 – Image Gallery

See a selection of photos from the amazing day with clients, staff and contractors aboard the beautiful DDP boat party.

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Secret Event October 2015 – Image Gallery

See a selection of photos from the evening. We have now made it part of our schedule to hold our secret evenings once every quarter as a way of thanking clients for being part of DDP but also as a way for them to introduce their friends to the concept in a relaxed and fun way.

Chinese Property Trade Show 2015 – Video

DDP had a stand to help people understand what DDP is about at the recent Chinese Property Trade Show.