Compared to other forms of investment, the Aussie property market is considered safer and less risky.  However, there are still risks to property investing! You should consider some of the key pros and cons below: 


  1. Make money from your rental income
  2. Earn great capital gains
  3. Property is a steady, stable market 
  4. Investing is tangible, unlike shares or bitcoins 
  5. You can claim back depreciation and other experiences on tax 


  1. Mortgage repayments may end up being more than your rental income 
  2. Extra expenses may pop up that you weren’t expecting while investing
  3. Your success is dictated by the property market
  4. If you get in trouble, you cannot sell a portion of your investment
  5. Initially, it is expensive to enter the market
  6. If you cannot find tenants, you may end up with significant costs