Whether you’re brand new to the real estate world or well seasoned, the Real Estate Agent you choose could make or break your experience. It is detrimental to pick the right one! Not only will it make the process seamless, but it will also make your transactions more profitable!

There are so many Real Estate Agents on the market, deciding who to go with can be tricky! Which is why we put together a list of parameters for you to follow!

Research Their Past Clients

Look at the customer reviews and reach out to genuine clients! This will give you an insight to the service given by the Real Estate Agent. Ask the clients about the price, the post-purchase service and of course, the agent’s integrity. Are they transparent?

Level of Experience

Perhaps this goes without saying, but an experienced Real Estate Agent will be able to guide you through the process much smoother than someone new to the game. Real Estate is a commission-based industry, therefore, it’s survival of the fittest. This means that experienced Real Estate Agents, for the benefit of both of you, will aim to gain maximum profit while avoiding huge risks. An agent who has dealt with an array of situations will likely be less rattled when challenges arise.

Seek Trustworthy Agents

Again, this might seem like a no brainer… You want to be able to trust whoever you receive a service from, especially something that involves large sums of money like Real Estate. An agent with a good reputation amongst their peers and the community is key. They should maintain the highest level of transparency, be able to clear any doubts and solve any problems efficiently.

Never choose a Real Estate Agent in a hurry! A bad agent will not only ruin your experience and view of the property industry but can also burn a huge hole in your pocket. If you’d like to chat about the available opportunities in property investment, DDP Property is here to help!