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Investors are all breathing a sigh of relief as property prices finally start going up again Sydney and Melbourne.  Did you time the market right and invest while prices were at their lowest?

If you suffered an attack of analysis paralysis, don’t despair.  While you could have increased your profits if you bought before the rest of the crowd, timing isn’t everything! Read why timing the market was the smartest investment move I ever made.

With the right advice and timing the market, you can still achieve 250% capital gain over ten years!

This time, ten years ago, I purchased a 4BR, 1-bathroom home in Tregear, Blacktown.  It was a great find at only $185K.

The house next door (3BR), was valued at $260, which clearly showed that this was the right property at the right price.   Investing $15K on renovations, helped increase my rental yield with new rent of $320 p/week.

Fast forward ten years and the house I paid $200K for, now has a market value of $500K

Successful investors know how to do well in bad times, and in good.  In fact, if you look at some real numbers for Melbourne, this is the fifth downturn in the last 20 years.
House prices in Melbourne and Sydney have more than doubled in over ten years (2007 – 2017), in spite of the GFC. This is where timing the market comes in.

“Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful!” – Warren Buffet. 

Ten years ago, Tregear was seen as an area to avoid,  Stay away, said the fearful ones.  I did my research and instead, saw it as an opportunity!  I am glad that we and my clients got in when property prices were less than half the price.

Just like this example, there are so many more investment gems out there.  I can help you to find them.  We don’ believe in doing what everything else does, we do things differently!

Instead of trying to time the market, I recommend that you try to buy the best property you can afford and allow enough time to benefit from both capital gains and rental yields.  If you hold on to your investment property for ten years or more, timing the market is not going to be an issue.