The biggest hurdle to investing – is knowing where to buy!

In his latest video, Zaki discusses the impact of the new Nancy-Bird Walton Airport on the real estate market in Western Sydney.

The Australian Government is investing an estimated 8 bIllion dollars to deliver a full-service, curfew-free airport which is scheduled to open in 2026.

Additional investment is underway for road, rail, medical and University projects with the aim to significantly lift the area and increase the liveability appeal.

With upgraded connectivity to the CBD and a surge of infrastructure projects in place, combined with strong population growth, Western Sydney will offer property investors many opportunities to buy property with great returns.

Land purchased only 10 years ago cost approximately $150K for 400sqm. The same sized land is now selling for $400K.

Western Sydney is already Australia’s third largest economy and a great spot for property investors.

The future of Sydney is in Western Sydney.


Signs a suburb is set to explode:

  1. Check with the local council regarding future developments – developments create a ripple effect driving infrastructure upgrades and jobs
  2. Look for population projections – as the population continues to grow, housing will become more in demand
  3. Check for access to public transport and freeway access
  4. Look at growth rental yields and the current asking median weekly rental price
  5. Think big – visualise what the suburb will be in 10 – 20 years’ time. There are numerous examples of undesirable suburbs that changed into high-demand & trendy suburbs over time.