Living a free and abundant life means not living pay-check to pay-check.

Don’t wait till December to put a financial strategy in place. It’s vital to get started right now to ensure your success is well progressed by the end of the year.

Real estate is still one of the best and least volatile investments available in Australia. With continuing demand for housing and strong population growth in major cities, get ahead of the financial game by making use of the property market.

Don’t forget to dream big.

Many of our DDP clients own more than 1 property. They understand the true value of holding onto a portfolio of real estate to achieve financial freedom.

Here are two of Zaki’s DDP Success Stories:


Client Mr. Setiawan from Carlingford met Zaki at the age of 26 to discuss options to get into the property market. He now owns EIGHT properties – six in NSW and two in Queensland.

He successfully built a multimillion-dollar property portfolio by the age of 32.

Mr. Setiawan’s strategy was to buy an investment property, renovate it, rent it out and use the equity to purchase another property.

“It’s easy in a sense, you buy it and you rent it out. I feel like I couldn’t live to my pay check” he said.

Having only entered the property market at the age of 26, his current portfolio is estimated at $ 4.5 Million (as at January 2020)


Mr Jones from East Sydney bought SIX properties using the assistance of DDP Property. His property locations are across Sydney and Queensland.

Holding onto property was key for Mr Jones. Letting only a short time pass, his properties have now moved up in value. For example: his St Marys three-bedroom house (purchased in January 2013 for $291,000) is now valued at over $500,000.

His Mount Druitt two-bedroom unit (purchased in October 2013 for $244,500) is now worth more than $400,000.

His current property portfolio is estimated at $3.1 mil (as at January 2020)