What Your Rich Friends Won’t Tell You About Property

​Zaki here.

I’m writing this today because at some point you were thinking about buying your first investment property.
You might have sat down with my team and looked at a specific property that could generate $100 a week in passive income for you (while building hundreds of thousands in quity over times)…

Visited our blog and read some of our customer testimonials, like Fransiscus who now own eight properties in a well balanced property prtfolio…

Or read my own $4.5 million property portfolio success story in the Daily Telegraph or some other mainstream publisher.

Anyway, I’m not sure what got you interested in property investment exactly, but I do know you’ve yet to pull the trigger and start building wit with DDP Property – which is a real shame.
So, today I’m writing to let you in on a little secret… something that people who build wealth through property completely understand, and those who don’t will never get, no matter how much they read, deliberate, and flirt with the idea of building wealth.

Here it is…

Investing in property so not really about property at all.

It’s not about how muc your portfolio is worth… how quick you build it… or the amount of properties you control.
You don’t need to love the ‘thrill of property investing’, or be some savvy business-minded, go-getter whose heart beats faster when they see a vacant lot…

Property Investment is about giving you the financial freedom and security you always dreamed about.

Whether that’s a more secure, comfortable retirement…
Dozens of free hours to explore your passions and spend time with your kids…
The funds to help out a family member who needs your help… Or all the toys a higher-level income can bring, like an Audi A, holiday home for family trips, or whatever it is that brings joy to your life.

That’s it. It’s simply a tool for you to live the life you want. And in this regard, making a decision about investing in property is one of the simplest you’ll ever make.

But let me make it even simpler for you…

I’ve arranged time for five FREE, one-hour property strategy sessions over the next month. This is an opportunity to sit down with a member of my team – an expert in property investment who owns multiple properties themselves – and talk through a plan to build the kind of financial independence and passive income stream you’ve been hoping for.

They’ll look at your financial situation, your goals, and show you what kind of return you could expect to generate over the next few years while building massive property equity.

This is a completely free, no-obligation chat. If what we’re saying doesn’t make sense and get you all tingly, you don’t have to speak to us ever again. But if it does, and you can imagine a future where you have a multimillion dollar portfolio of properties to play with, we’ll help you get started as fast as possible.

Just click here and fill out this form now and I’ll send a car over to pick you up (probably an uber black) when you’re ready to chat.

But fair warning: these spots are strictly limited to just five sessions.

Meeting with clients is a huge part of my business and I do this all the time. But right now I have some especially lucrative opportunities to share with you, which is why I’ve set aside this time with the top members of my team.

So, if the idea of building hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity in the next 12-months interests you even slightly, I strongly recommend you reserve your free session now before it’s too late.