Why the numbers 14 and 70 could make you wealthy
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If you want to make money in real estate then remember the numbers 14 and 70.

Why?I’ll tell you in a second.

First though, we all know how important to invest in properties that have enormous capital growth potential. You don’t want to invest in areas where buyers are maxed out and prices haven’t got anywhere to go. You want to be somewhere with heaps of room to grow.

So, why 14 and 70?

Because according to the statistics, Sydney prices are 70% higher than Brisbane.

Yet there is only a 14% difference in household incomes.

Which means in practical terms since Brisbane buyers earn fairly close to what Sydney buyers earn you’d expect house prices to be a lot, lot closer. And they aren’t. And with rental yields in Brisbane higher than Sydney, Melbourne, Perth this is a hot market with room to move.

Look at this:
We just secured this for an investor.

It was $350,000, will rent for $360 and it’s only 30 minutes to the Brisbane CBD and 5 minutes from schools and shops.
You think it can go higher? You bet it can. Try doing this in Sydney. The upside potential is staggering.

Now, before you ask where it is I’m going to be a spoilsport. I’m not telling you. At least, not in an email.

For a start, this house is already sold.

Second, you would probably struggle to find another bargain quite like it. Our network of ‘property spies’ looking for bargains would put the CIA to shame. And third, depending on where you are and what your goals are, odds are there are other properties better suited to your personal situation.

So to put yourself in front of Australia’s next property boom click here to book a time with one of our strategists.

Forget what you read in the media, property isn’t dead. In fact it’s never been better for investors who know where to invest and what to invest in.
That’s why you should come and chat with us now.



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