In many instances, an expert in a particular field will save you serious time and money!

Why? Because that is what they do all-day, every day!

Most don’t realize that using an expert Buyer’s Agency WILL actually SAVE YOU MONEY.

Why? How?

In a nutshell, using a Buyer’s Agent will provide 4 KEY BENEFITS:

1. Gain access to top research and suburb performance to ensure maximum growth & rental returns on your investment.

2. Experience and industry knowledge – use the knowledge and expertise of someone who lives & breathes real-estate every day.

3. Saving money – ensuring no hidden costs and full transparency, our Buyer’s Agents will negotiate on your property. Our Team also offer a guaranteed cash-back of $10,000 with any new property purchase.

4. Access to their network – most Buyer’s Agents work with over 100+ builders, developers, and suppliers in the industry; thus providing access to off-market opportunities, not available to the general public.


  • Time poor
  • No investment strategy expertise
  • Unable to acutely identify growth hotspots
  • Travel costs
  • No leverage with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, conveyancing, rental property management
  • Lack of experience
  • Unable to buy under market value market price
  • Unable to negotiate
  • No cash back
  • Slow process


  • We do it for you (start to end)
  • Provide investment strategy and expertise
  • Identify acutely property growth hotspots
  • We outline all the costs
  • Extensive property market research nationally
  • Focus on properties with +97% occupancy
  • Focus on buying best property deal – under market value and ability to gear neutrally or positively.
  • Provide a cash flow report to help you manage the investment
  • Expert negotiators who negotiate on your behalf
  • Provide mortgage finance, conveyancing and mortgage finance experience.
  • Use our network of suppliers who are best in the industry
  • We only work with top rated, quality builders and developers.