Is your next investment property going to be in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne? WHY NOT ALL THREE? It’s possible with bricklets.

As a landlord, you already know that property can be a great investment but it’s not without problems. The high cost of property means that many investors never get beyond their first purchase, so all the eggs are in one property basket.

Bricklet is a marketplace for trading property fragments called bricklets. Owning a Bricklet is exactly like owning a whole property. The Bricklet earns a proportion of the rent and in a rising market goes up by a proportion of the value.

Starting at around $20,000, Bricklets offer a way for investors to diversify their portfolio and increase their investment at a pace that suits them.

Bricklet is backed by industry heavyweights Mirvac, Stockland and REA Group and has already sold over $15 million of property fragments.

Find out how so many Australians are taking advantage of this amazing opportunity.