Would you like to buy a third property without touching your savings?

We did that and more for Cristian, who came to see me last week with that exact question.

The situation:  
Cristian is a sales manager for a foreign exchange company who migrated here from Thailand with his family when he was young.   He is in a good position, with equity in 2 properties.

He bought his first home in Lane Cove 4 years ago, which has increased in value by about $200K.  2 years ago he used some of this equity to buy an investment property in Melbourne.

Cristian had previously worked in the finance industry and wanted to find ways to use his credit card to build up his frequent flyer points without dipping into his savings nest egg.

How we did it?
We used Cristian’s AMEX card to pay the DDP consulting fee netting him instant frequent flyer points.

During his credit card’s 55-day interest-free period, we would take the equity from his existing portfolio to cover our fee, the deposit and stamp duty to purchase his third property.

As part of the DDP $30K cash back guarantee, we transfer $30K straight back into Cristian’s bank account.

Cristian’s wins after purchasing his third property: 

  • Massive frequent flyer points
  • $30K cash back
  • No interest charged to his credit card
  • No touch on his savings

Current value of Cristian’s property portfolio (2019) – $1.8 mil
Estimated value of Cristian’s property portfolio in 10 years – $3.42 mil*

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