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Initial Consultation

Our no-obligation initial consultation is 100% free, and all part of the service we provide to ensure prospective clients have the best foundation on which to build their property portfolio.

We are passionate about empowering people to make positive changes to build their wealth, and in order for us to do this effectively, the initial consultation is all about getting to know you and understand your situation and your goals.

Our client managers are experienced and intuitive educators. They will answer any of your questions and explain how hundreds of our existing clients have transformed their lives with a DDP rapid property growth strategy.

By the end of your consultation you can make a decision about whether or not to proceed with DDP. Whatever you decide, it will be one hour of your time well spent. Showing people how to be successful property investors is what we do best and we are not secretive about our strategies, so even if you don’t sign up with us, you’ll be enlightened and equipped with valuable inside knowledge.

Of course, we hope you DO decide to embark on the property investment journey with DDP. When you do, your client manager will introduce you to the rest of the team, and we will start working on your finance approval straight away to get the ball rolling. It will be the first phase of a hugely rewarding and exciting business relationship.

Call our FREE PROPERTY ADVICE line: 1300 732 921

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