First Home Buyers Process

Keep you investment returning!

With professional property management services that you can rely on and that wont send you bill after bill.

Before you make the decision to be a “FIRST HOME BUYER”, make sure you consider your financial future – Zaki Ameer went from broke to millionaire with the DDP property strategy.


At Dream Design Property we’ll show you how to invest in property the smart way and rapidly build a serious property portfolio without needing to constantly invest money.


In short, if you invest correctly, every investment you make will pay for the next investment meaning there is no limit to how many properties you could own.


So before you join the millions of people doing the same old “first home buyers” thing, invest 1hr in your future and find out how the smart people can afford to live the life of their dreams.

Now you’re probably thinking “what has this got to do with me?”  Well it’s simple; all we need is 1hr of your time to show you how to build a serious property portfolio without taking advantage of the government grant. WHAT?? I hear you say…. While it may seem smart to take advantage of free money from the government, in actual fact you are doing yourself a disadvantage because the property you’ll be buying with your grant will only ever perform like traditional real estate. 
We’ll show you how to invest so that your money works smart and literally builds a portfolio rather than a once off ‘ball and chain’ investment. If you’re really tight for cash and the grant is what is getting you over the line then it’s probably more important than ever for you to be buying the right property. Most of our clients end up with more weekly cash-flow after buying a property than before they bought one! This is something that most traditional properties simply can’t claim.

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Make A Difference With The Property Expert Team

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