Let’s face it, 2019 has not been an easy year. I know many people in the country have struggled. The government’s proposed abolition of negative gearing for new investors and an overall deflation of consumer confidence had a serious impact on business. But now we have a brand new year, a brand new decade to look forward to. Every 10 years, new financial opportunities reveal themselves.

Like the property market, we bounce back, stronger than ever!

Remember when I was a broke student 20 years ago?

That’s why I need to keep the faith and trust my instinct.

And that’s exactly what I did a decade ago when I refused to listen to the doubters and bought a four-bedroom renovation project in Tregear, Blacktown for just $185,000.

Look at my photo and see how young I was.

Tregear was considered a ‘no go’ area, but I did my research and held firm, and after investing $15k in improving the property, I increased my rental yield to $320/week and today that house is worth $500,000!

In 10 short years, it went up to $315,000. Try saving that much money on your own!

And try doing it without having to go to work.

Remember you can never buy more time.

If you’re a lot like the clients we help, I understand how challenging Christmas and New Years can be.

In November alone, our team at DDP helped 11 of our Sydney families buy positively geared investment properties.

We basically helped set them up for life.

The Sydney property market is recovering, and experts are confidently predicting price increases of up to 10% in the year ahead.

The question is, are you going to be part of it or left behind?

So if you’re an immigrant or an Aussie battler like me and feeling the fear about where to turn and how to make that first crucial step, click here.