We all dream of it at one stage… Life would be so much easier if I could just get rich… But what if we told you that the pipe dream was actually possible? Now, we’re not claiming it can happen overnight… But the property market in Australia is booming and now is the prime time to throw your hat in the ring. If you’ve been hesitant to enter the property market in 2017… The next 6 months could be the perfect time to invest and here’s why…

Supply is swelling

As we enter the new year… The high demand for housing will be matched by an increase in supply. This will even out excessive prices and give investors a sneaky way in to the otherwise thriving market. This is obviously an ideal time to jump the gun on the property game by capitalising on the lowered rates.

Interest rates are rising

This may seem counterintuitive; however, the reality is, it’s actually better to buy into the property market as interest rates are rising. It seems unlikely but during this time you will get the best bargains on real estate. Prospective investors generally believe it’s too expensive to buy in when interest rates are higher and, as they drop off the grid, we experience a decrease in housing prices.

The property market is still on the rise

The property market, on a grand scale, is always inflating – and it always will, population growth is a constant driver of housing prices and demand is set to rise for years to come. While in Australia we will experience slower growth in the first half of 2018 than we’ve become used to over the last few years, housing prices are still set to rise by 4-8% in the new year. Catch the lull before the market takes another leap in the third quarter.

A blue-chip investment

Gaining leverage in the property market is much easier than in the share market – and it’s certainly better than leaving your money to sit in a bank, accumulating negligible interest at a snail’s pace. Just like your blue-chip shares, in the long-term, real-estate has always been a valuable investment. But that is the keyword here: long-term. You can expect a 7-10% growth on your investment if you hold onto the property for a minimum of ten years.

Transparent consulting fees

At DDP Property, we are passionate about helping you break into the real estate market and getting you on your way to building wealth. It is for this very reason that we don’t take a cut. There’s no commission on your purchase or on your profit, and there’s no hidden costs; just a flat, fixed consulting fee.

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