The time is now to secure your place in the property market. With homes continuing to pop up across Australia, and selling just as fast, you need to know the prime suburbs to keep on your buying radar. As Melbourne and Sydney continued to soar, so did the median price points. So, buyers have begun to look elsewhere.

Is your city in demand? Are you looking for the next real estate gold mine?

Here are the biggest hot spots for homeowners in 2018!


Previously, Brisbane was overpopulated with inner-city apartments without the population density to occupy them. Major developers have recently put holds on many major projects. In turn, we will see the demand increase.

Vacancies are currently at 5%. Properties are yielding a 4.5% return in the CBD and 5% in the suburbs. It will grow with the rise in demand. The inner suburbs will be bargain central in the coming quarter so get in quick before the market picks up!


After years of being overlooked, Perth finally has its time to shine. It has been tough for the Western city, with recovery only just starting to emerge.
Consistently over the past few months demand for housing in this beautiful city has risen, and is only continuing to rise. With suburbs only just starting to increase in price, the time is now to make an investment in the area. Premium locations include the inner west and northern beaches.


In 2015, buyers were pulling away from investment opportunities in this Southern city, but come 2018 and Hobart is set to be one of the main growth areas.
With the increase in job opportunities, this Tasmanian treasure is experiencing a growth in the property market and population. Ideal for investment, rental properties being snapped up left right and centre.


2018 may very well be Adelaide’s year! Many major suburbs outside the city centre are expanding rapidly, with popularity reaching new heights. Not only are the inner suburbs soaring, but the rural and picturesque Adelaide Hill’s are making their run too.

Central Coast

Although demand in Sydney is starting to cool due to the skyrocketing prices, Central Coast isn’t slowing. Businesses in the area have experienced considerable growth. With commercial properties being snapped up quickly and with more affordable homes and tranquil surroundings.. The Central Coast is set to be in demand. Investment in this coastal paradise is sure to be a winner. Springfield seems to be the most in-demand suburb for both buyers and renters this season.


Although it seems a world away from the Melbourne CBD, in reality, this old gold mining town is just an hour down the train line. With major upgrades to public transport systems, Ballart seems to be growing in demand and popularity and is expanding from the inside out, with the most demand currently in the CBD.

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