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Zaki Ameer – founder of wealth creation mentoring program, Dream Design Property – is a self-made millionaire with over 15 properties in his portfolio. We’ll follow his inspiring journey as he goes from homeless, to working $16 an hour, to creating a prosperous life for himself!

Discover how leveraging can aid you in property investing and business, the initial ‘why’ behind Ameer’s portfolio, how getting pushed into a corner can motivate you to act and do something to remedy it and Ameer’s ultimate inspiration for beginning to invest.


“I would just ask people for the answers. Which seems like the wrong thing to do but when I look into investing or business, it’s called leverage” – Zaki Ameer



In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

01:40 – Ameer shares his background from living a prosperous life in Sri-Lanka and moving into Australia, calling Western Sydney home.
04:36 – Ameer reflects on when he had to abruptly withdraw from his studies and what he did to survive living in Australia without any support.
09:40 – How he found his ‘self-worth’ through this tough situation and how he avoided deportation back to Sri-Lanka.
12:53 – How failing university three years in a row caught up to him – facing deportation – he discusses how he bounced back and what his career came to be after finally graduating from university.
18:46 – How negative motivation became his strength as he recalls his first encounter with the concept of property investing.
25:03 – Buying a regional property that still costs him money today as he explains the importance of maintaining your risk profile

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