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Zaki Ameer – founder of wealth creation mentoring program, DDP Property – is a self-made millionaire with over 15 properties in his portfolio.

Discover how leveraging can aid you in property investing and business. The initial ‘why’ behind Ameer’s portfolio. How getting pushed into a corner can motivate you to act and do something to remedy it.

In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

01:40 – Ameer shares his background from living a prosperous life in Sri-Lanka and moving into Australia, calling Western Sydney home.
04:36 – Ameer reflects on when he had to abruptly withdraw from his studies. What he did to survive living in Australia without any support.
09:40 – How he found his ‘self-worth’ through this tough situation and how he avoided deportation back to Sri-Lanka.
12:53 – How failing university three years in a row caught up to him… Facing deportation… In which case he discusses how he bounced back and what his career came to be after finally graduating from university.
18:46 – How negative motivation became his strength as he recalls his first encounter with the concept of property investing.
25:03 – Buying a regional property that still costs him money today. He explains the importance of maintaining your risk profile.