Initial Consultation

Before we can design the ultimate plan for your property portfolio we need to understand where you sit now.

We’re passionate about empowering people to make change happen in their lives. In our 100% FREE initial consultation we’ll show you how hundreds of people before you have changed their lives with a DDP rapid property growth strategy

Whether you decide to proceed with DDP or not, by the end of your 1hr consultation you’ll be charged with the education you need to be highly successful. Don’t worry, we’re not secretive about our strategies because the services we offer are a ‘no brainer’ that save you time, money and stress. Think of it as a FREE strategy; we just charge for the service of doing everything that needs to be done that you’d have to do anyway.


Our client managers are experienced educators that have worked with clients to initiate their DDP relationship. Once you have decided to make the move to DDP. your client manager will introduce you to the rest of the DDP team and ensure that we start work straight  away on your finance approval.


Brendan (Client Manager)

Brendan works with Zaki Ameer helping Dream Design Property’s clients build and manage large property portfolios over time.

Call our FREE PROPERTY ADVICE line: 1300 732 921

Make A Difference With The Property Expert Team

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