Real estate expert, wealth development coach, author and guest speaker

Zaki Ameer

DDP founder

Real estate expert, wealth development coach, author and guest speaker.

Zaki’s Journey

At just 18, Zaki Ameer moved to Australia. Zaki found himself living in a new culture with few friends, no income and significant debt from university. Determined to remain in Australia, he pushed himself to work full-time while attending night class.

As time passed, his debt cleared and he acquired a Bachelor of Business. Zaki had a chance meeting that inspired him to try his hand in property investment. After a few short years, Zaki had secured a successful portfolio of 10 properties, valued at over $3 million.

Quickly gaining recognition for his success, Zaki began speaking at seminars and events about wealth creation and personal development. Zaki recognized his enthusiasm for mentoring. This lead to the creation of DDP Property (DDP) ––a unique wealth creation program.

Zaki’s Vision

Over the past few years, DDP has helped over 1,000 clients purchase over 1,300 properties. Turnover for the company in its first year was $27,000. Fast forward to today, DDP enjoys a combined turnover of $13.8 million. In its efforts to give back to the community, DDP contributes almost $100,000 each year to a variety of charities. Which include Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Young Professionals, Tiny Miracles, The Sri Lankan Annual Ball and The Bollywood Club. Zaki recently toured East Africa for charity promoting positive thinking, setting goals and investing in real estate.

Zaki helps guide clients by using his personal investment experience. The company grew from Zaki and one other staff member to a team of 15, each of whom offers clients an ongoing personalized service that caters to all of their changing circumstances and needs.

Harboring a passion for mentoring, Zaki ensures he is readily available to his team. The majority of his team have created their own investment portfolios. In one instance, Zaki mentored a team member to grow his portfolio from 0 to 10 properties in just two years.

Unlike his competitors, he ceased personally investing in real estate. This is because he believes it’s important that his clients are allocated the best market stock available. This is only one of the ways DDP differentiates itself from its peers.

Long term, Zaki’s vision for DDP is to continue creating innovative strategies and services for clients. DDP Property strives to be recognized as one of the world’s leading wealth creation, real estate investment companies.

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