50 Unsung Business Heroes shares the stories of fifty Australian business owners. The owners of fifty Australian businesses share their stories of true grit and determination, long hours and lonely nights.

The book includes interviews with three Eastern Suburbs-based business founders. 

Simon Fonteyn

With both his parents going through POW camps in WWII, Simon Fonteyn knows a lot about how to handle isolation. He believes that it helped him endure the long hours of a start-up small business. His Bondi Junction based business, LeaseInfo, took a few years to get off the ground. However, hee persevered and it’s now the largest of its type in Australia. It helps retailers as they manage the data around their rental expenses.

Zaki Ameer

Potts Point-based property investment adviser Zaki Ameer, founder of DDP Property arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka at the age of 18 with big dreams. Zaki tells of his days as an international student when he knew nothing about the power of property. He went from zero to 10 properties in two years. Zaki now helps other people invest in property safely.

Ron Lee

As a young boy Wollahra’s Ron Lee was bullied when he went to school because of the way he looked. Despite being born in Australia, as were his parents, he was derided constantly for being the odd one out. Ron’s Chinese origins lead him to learn about martial arts and the power of the mind. He now teaches other people to take control of their lives, be more confident and also improve their presentation skills.


Small business is the backbone of the economy. Between these fifty SMEs alone are responsible for 1,000 employees. With a combined turnover in excess of $400 million, they pay millions in taxes.

These Unsung Business Heroes are full of optimism and they never had a Plan B. Their whole life is their business.