Buying property is still a great investment. It’s a reliable way to ensure that you are setting aside for the future. Whether you’re buying as an investment or home.

Australia is a great country to invest in, for many reasons. The great outdoors with unspoiled nature and beaches, unique wildlife, plenty of sunshine ensuring a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

There are also high capital returns, strong economic growth. This helps make it an attractive proposition indeed for a potential property buyer.

The increasing demand for rentals makes investing in a property in Australia a good idea. Let’s take a look at why you should consider buying a home in Australia.. Whether as an investment or for your own use.

The land of sunshine and abundance

Australia, on average, gets over 3000 hours of sunshine in a year. The temperate climate means it gives you the option to be outdoors and engage in an active lifestyle yearround. Australia is a nature lover’s paradise.

Australian beaches are famous the world over for their vast stretches of unspoiled sand and water. In a world that is increasingly polluted and congested, Australia still offers fresh air and clean living. It’s got great fresh produce, excellent seafood and meat, alongside modern Australian cuisine.

There is also an emphasis on wine-growing, with robust, full-bodied reds a staple of the wine industry.

The lifestyle also encourages a healthy lifestyle, with many outdoor activities like bushwalking, fishing, swimming, hiking, and so much more. You are unlikely to find a place where you can enjoy a modern city life alongside nature’s wonders.

Together, this makes Australia a country with a fantastic and very attractive lifestyle. There are a number of people who immigrate to Australia, making real estate a strong market.
An economically and politically stable nation

Everyone looks for stability when they are looking to invest. Especially if you’re planning to live there yourself. The Australian economy continues to grow, the country is politically and economically stable. Even with changes in prime ministers with almost alarming regularity.

Did you know that the country’s GDP is equal to most of the EU nations, and its economy is growing at a faster rate than the UK and US? The structures of government and investment and the legal system follow the British establishment, making it easy to understand and transparent for potential buyers.

The language of business and life is English, so there are no language barriers for most potential residents. The fact that the Australian investment markets are regulated, transparent and low risk make the idea of investing in property even more attractive – and safe.

Return on investment is good

Depending on the purpose of investment, you might be wanting to gain the highest possible returns, or else you’re picking a place where you plan to settle down. Do your research, visit the potential spots, and pick accordingly.

Certain parts of the country like the western coast will fetch a high capital return of greater than 30%, as it’s a key investment area.

You may also be able to use the interest-only mortgages being offered for five years, (sometimes even ten), which helps potential buyers in purchasing property. The high property prices also mean that at present, Australia has a high demand rental market.

This is due to the fact that the population continues to rise and incomes are increasing as well, making the demand for housing greater than the supply.

Make the investment today

So, whether you’re looking to move to Australia yourself (looking for help moving? Check out AusMove) or else want to buy a property as an investment for the future, there is no doubt the time is right to go ahead. The market is hot, the country continues to grow and prosper economically, has a good and stable reputation in the international arena, and offers a chance to live a healthy, peaceful and balanced life, amidst some of the world’s best land and seascapes.