If you’re ready to start building your financially successful and independent future, then you need to start thinking about your long term investments. 

If you don’t start thinking differently about your future, then you may never escape the constant grind of everyday life. 

Property is the best long term investment that you can make, and here are just a few of the reasons why.


Reasonably stable and secure

While no investment comes without its risks, investing in property is a reasonably secure and stable investment to make if you know what you’re doing. 

With the right real estate market research and investment strategy, you can benefit from your real estate portfolio for decades to come. It’s a good idea to seek out experts who can provide you with property market advice, to ensure that your investment is as safe as possible. 

With the right property advisor, the market can be quite predictable, allowing you to accurately forecast the direction property prices are heading in the next few years. 

Because property is a long term investment, it often won’t pay off immediately. Most likely there will be high and low points, but ultimately your property should be going up in value and bringing you more money. 


Rental properties boost your passive income

If you buy an investment property you are most likely going to rent it out for an additional passive income.

It’s important that you’re not solely relying on this rental income to make your repayments, but it can go a long way to covering your expenses of owning the property. Finding dual income properties for sale can help increase your income, and ensure that your rental income will cover your expenses. 

While your tenants are paying for the property, you can sit back and watch as the value of your investment continues to grow, with little extra time or money required from you. 

If you’ve chosen a good investment property, it is likely that rent will also rise in your area. This gives you extra money which can help you pay for interest rates and other property taxes, on top of the existing mortgage. 


You have more control 

Unlike other forms of investment, you have a bit more control when it comes to buying real estate. 

You can directly add value to your investment by upgrading your property or adding features. Even just a small addition can dramatically increase the price of your property over a long period of time. 

You also decide what happens with your investment property, whether you want to let a property manager handle it or you want to be more direct and hands on with it. This allows you to spend as little or as much time as you like managing your property portfolio. 


Versatile investment results 

People are often looking for different things from their investments. Investing in real estate is great for a wide range of people due to how versatile it can be; you get to choose where your priorities lie. 

Depending on your goals, it will change your investment strategy. If you are looking for more cash flow you can choose your properties to reflect this. 

If you’re looking to build more future equity, you can formulate a game plan that focuses on achieving that. 

A clear property investment strategy will help you grow your property portfolio rapidly without the need for a constant investment of fresh funds. 


Tax benefits 

With a good accountant helping you, you can save thousands in tax each year from your investment property. 

There are a range of legal tax deductions you can make for your investment property, which can help boost your cash flow and save you money. 

As you are building your portfolio it is important to take advantage of all the available resources to ensure you are getting the most for your money. 


Work with property investment consultants you can trust

Investing in property effectively can be tricky if you’re just starting out. There’s a lot of research you should be putting in to make sure that you are making the right financial decision for your future. 

That’s where DDP Property comes in. As a full service property investment consultant agency we make buying and managing an investment property easy. 

We take care of all the trickier parts of real estate investing, so you can sit back and reap the benefits.  

We can help formulate the perfect strategy for your financial goals, help you choose the right property and location, understand the right timing in the market, or even just help you manage your portfolio. 

And that’s just the beginning. 

There are so many little things that can have a massive impact on how well your investment property does, so it’s a good idea to enlist a team of experts from different industries who have already helped 1000’s of clients achieve their financial dreams.