1. Save time and money
Following a robust purchasing process, a typical Buyer’s Agent will spend approximately 56 hours to successfully purchase a home on your behalf.

2. Guaranteed undermarket pricing
Further to the above, each property is price guaranteed to be at minimum $15,000 under market value. This pricing is not offered to the general public.

3. Saving thousands of dollars over a lifetime
A Buyer’s Agent will typically find a property that grows at a higher rate than the average market, which in the long-term will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Commonly investing in hot spots, they will secure higher rental yields which in return offer a substantial gain for the life of the property.

4. Mentoring
As you move through the DDP process, you will receive 1-on-1 mentoring from our Founder, real estate expert, Zaki Ameer. Yes that’s right, your entire journey from start to end is handled and managed by our Founder. This is a unique benefit to working with us.

5. Experts in real estate negotiations
We have transacted over 1,800 properties for our Clients. Our team negotiate incredible deals using our combined experience, strategic partnerships and buying volume.