Another day, another dollar as they say. But do you really want to trade time for money? We recently spoke about how time and money worked hand in glove. You can’t turn back the clock.

The 1974 average house price in Sydney was $27,400. Now in 2019, the average house price in Sydney is $1.02 million.

People who are older always talk about how rich they would be if they had invested more wisely. Young people always say they would invest more if they had more money.

Don’t join in these conversations. They’re so toxic. There are two types of people in this world. Those who let things happen to them. And those who make things happen.

Take Regina for example. She came to us recently looking at ways to build her future. She’s a smart woman. But what she didn’t have was time and expertise to find and negotiate the best deal for herself.

We helped her create:

Cashflow analysis

Market analysis

Growth analysis

You can see that we don’t make decisions based on hope. We make all our decisions on facts and remove emotion from the transaction. It’s all about managing risk.

What’s worse than not making money? That’s losing money. So my priority is to ensure my clients money is invested wisely.

Regina is actually super smart. She used our expertise to buy more time which is now helping her make more money. We helped her find a house for $200,000. The home is now worth $220,000.

That is a whopping 10% growth almost overnight. More importantly, she is receiving 7.28% rental return per year! This means she gets to pocket just over $25 per week even after paying the mortgage. These are the sort of deals we LOVE helping our clients find.

Because Regina is so smart, she’s now restructuring her finance again to access the equity and buy again. I know how it feels to be starting at the bottom of the ladder. I also know how it feels when you’re a winner.

The ability to buy anything you want. To send your children to any school you want. Or go on a holiday anywhere in the world. And to resign from a job you hate.

This all comes down to small decisions you make today. Tomorrow’s future is created by today’s decisions.

If you feel this is something you’d like to discuss, then let’s chat.

You have nothing to lose as always – only time. And we all know that time is expensive.