Melbourne is currently a property hot spot! The market is at a lull, so it’s the perfect time to invest. If you’re already living in Melbourne, perhaps you’re thinking that you’d rather diversify and invest in a different state. However, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Take a moment to hear us out about why we think you should invest in Melbourne.

If you invest in Melbourne will allow you to fulfill your Australian dream. You’ll be able to get a good return from your investment without taking any high risks or paying any hefty amounts of money.

Melbourne is one of the most admired cities in Australia when it comes to investment property. It gives good value (on a national scale), there is a minimized level of holding risk, and better capital growth.

Invest in Melbourne for Lower Risk

In terms of investment property, we focus on the holding risk. The holding risk is the financial risk of not being able to service the loan, which results in liquidation. But luckily for property investors interested in Melbourne, the probability of a holding risk is minimal.

Why? Because of the plethora of job opportunities, national and international immigrants, major employers, etc. All of these factors underpin the rental income on your investment property!

Better Indications of Growth

Because Melbourne is such a desirable city to live in, the population will continue to rise. If you take advantage of this early on, you will certainly reap the benefits in the years to follow. Then, as the city grows, so will your pocketbook.

Melbourne’s population is going to continue to increase! According to the population prediction of the Victorian Government, the population of Melbourne will reach 8 million by 2051. The best part for us? Those 8 million people will need housing! So, before the market rises, take advantage of this opportunity! Talk to a professional to discuss why you should invest in Melbourne further.