inIn Australia, the real estate market is lucrative with a multitude of prospective investments. Which is why investing in property is the smartest thing to do right now. It’s a safe investment and profits are practically guaranteed.

Why Investing is Important For Women:

Over the years, the social structure has evolved. Thankfully this has driven women to become more financially independent. Property is one of the areas where they can put their money for substantial gains.

The gender pay gap is one of the leading reasons why women tend to invest less than men. Which is why women are earning less in Australia. Meaning they have to save more of their income looking forward to retirement. 

The founder of DDP Property, Zaki Ameer, believes “now is the perfect time for Australian women to get into the market, investing more money now will lead to a higher retirement fund down the track. Above all, investing can be intimidating, it’s important to empower women so they can secure their futures.” 

Idle money loses its value over time. By providing empowerment and information, the property industry can help to ensure a stronger and more secure Australia. Money, if not invested today, will not give the same value tomorrow. It needs to be multiplied, and investment in property can help do that without many risks. 

How Women Can Get Ahead:

In an industry dominated by men, women will need to take a leap of faith. By asking questions, vigorously researching and becoming part of the conversation, women have a real opportunity to take hold. Over time, they will be confident about their investment decisions.


The gender investment gap in Australia is a real issue and needs to be dealt with. Just like the gender wage gap, it is harming the women’s financial health. In recent years, women have started working to reduce the gender wage gap. Now they must do the same for the gender investment gap. The return women will get by investing in property will be the same as men. This will reduce the financial parity between the genders. Female real estate agents can help guide female investors on what and how to invest. The women who want to invest would feel comfortable asking them questions and can put their minds at ease. This is an area that needs to be explored by women investors in the near future if they want to secure their financial independence.