During my lifetime, I’ve inevitably made a few mistakes along the way and have a few regrets.

Ultimately these have made me a better person, better businessman, and a property expert. Perhaps I should call them ‘valuable life lessons’ rather than mistakes and regrets.

Below are three valuable life lessons I’d like to share with you.

  1. Stop trying to please everyone

Success means being good, kind, and live your life in service to others. But it also means that you are making sure that you make yourself a high priority. Know your worth and never allow yourself to be short-changed. Write down your 5 most important values. Stay true to these, and do not be afraid to say NO to ANYTHING that doesn’t agree with your values or enhance your life.

  1. Don’t invest too much

It’s great to make money, and it is a wonderful feeling to help others to make money too, but a little bit of caution goes a long way. Diversify your portfolio, get sound financial advice from a trusted professional, and don’t take reckless risks.

  1. Start paying attention to your environment

Your actions are determined by your attitude and mindset, which are controlled by your environment. Regularly evaluate your environment and be careful who you spend your time with, and what you spend your time doing. Surround yourself with positive vibes as much as possible. Surround yourself with experts of all fields.

Above all, it’s important to just enjoy yourself, have fun and be happy.

In the end, all we take from this life is our cherished memories, so remember to enjoy the ride at all times, do what you love, and do it with passion!

Eight years ago, I made the decision to establish DDP, with a vision to help my fellow Australians find financial freedom using intelligent property investment strategies.

Make a decision that you definitely won’t regret, and get in touch to find out how we can help make your ride through life more enjoyable and more prosperous.