I’m a bit of a gym junkie. A daily dose of intense cardio helps to clear my mind and keep me focused. I enjoy being part of a fit, focused team, whether it’s out on the playing field or in the DDP office with my colleagues. It’s my healthy lifestyle that makes my financial lifestyle possible!

It’s understood that regular exercise and a balanced diet is pretty much essential for a healthy body. There is also a connection between body and mind, so much so that a positive mindset can enhance physical health.

A 2015 survey by one of the major US banks found that 70% of people reported that feeling financially secure had a positive impact on their physical health. Imagine how much easier it will be to fulfill your other goals when you have no money worries.

I’m not here to remind you to drink plenty of water, eat your fresh fruit and veg, and go for an occasional jog around the block. But one of my primary responsibilities is to ensure my clients are financially healthy.

Financial peace of mind is a crucial aspect of an overall healthy lifestyle. It really isn’t such a steep mountain to climb when you’ve got someone by your side to help and guide you.

At DDP, I guess you could say we are our clients’ financial ‘personal trainers’.

We KNOW what works, and so here’s our DOs and DON’Ts:


  • Go shopping for food when you’re hungry, that ensures an unhealthy eating habit and lifestyle
  • Go shopping for clothes or homewares after watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’
  • Make internet purchases while drunk, tired or bored – they rarely prove to be sensible decisions
  • Be flashy with your credit card. In these days of payWave it’s way too easy to rack up debt


  • Set realistic goals, and stick to them
  • Prepare for the expected events (e.g. retirement, kids’ college fees) but also for the unexpected (e.g. health emergencies, unemployment). A ‘safety net’ is so important.
  • Stay in control of short-term and long-term spending by setting a budget
  • Refinance wisely – keep an eye on factors such as interest rate variations and its ok to restructure your finances if it results in  a long term benefit to you
  • Have a solid investment plan. Investing sensibly can provide you with a reliable income, if you get the right advice from licensed professionals. Take it from someone who prospers from a healthy lifestyle.

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