Investment Property Reports

Never buy a property you don't know!

We make sure you are well informed prior to making a buying decision.

We give you reports before you place your offer and after you go to contract as part of your due-diligence. 

 There are essentially two reports you need when buying a property:

  1. The report that tells you which property to buy and matches your property portfolio growth strategy and;
  2. The one that confirms this property is sound and secure and won’t have any hidden secrets after you buy it. 
 Our reports are prepared by our research department and are extremely thorough in that they detail the benefits and likely outcomes of purchasing. To engage the services of a regular property research company you are looking at a massive investment. With DDP you get expert advise at a fraction of the price. Our aim is not to make a bucket load of money off you on your first transaction but to provide you quality advice which means you will have many future successful transactions via us. This is a testament to our dedication to quality and an assurance to our customers that we are here to serve with the best intentions.

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Make A Difference With The Property Expert Team

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